Foreign Language Services Simulation has rotating openings in several career paths. We continuously seek to expand our pool of talent. We are always looking for qualified linguists in all languages as well as program managers, curriculum developers, business development, contracting and role players.

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Linguist Opportunity – Independent Contractor

Foreign Language Services Simulation, LLC. (FLSS) is looking for translators and interpreters, including American sign language interpreters.

Do you speak multiple languages? If so, become an FLSS linguist!

We are looking for linguists that can provide accurate translations from a target language to English. Translations must be free of errors in grammar, spelling or content. The level of difficulty in the translations may range from basic or general to semi-technical, and technical. There may be audio translations involved or a variety of different types of documents you would need to translate such as agreements, or more complex legal, and or medical, or highly technical documents.

Translation services would be on an as-needed basis.

We are looking for the following languages:
American Sign Lang.           Farsi                        Japanese          Somali
Arabic                                     French                    Korean              Swedish
Austrian                                 German                  Lithuanian       Tamil
Chinese - Cantonese          Greek                       Malay               Thai
Chinese-Mandarin              Gujarati                  Pashto               Tigrinya
Croatian                                Haitian Creole       Polish                Turkish
Czech                                    Hebrew                  Portuguese       Ukrainian
Danish                                   Hindi                      Punjabi              Urdu
Dari                                        Indonesian            Russian              Vietnamese
Dutch                                     Italian                    Serbian             Yoruba

If you do not see your language on this list, please contact us.

*Must be a native speaker of the target language
*Must be authorized to work in the U.S.

A U.S. government held clearance(s)

If interested, please send an email to kat.lew@fls-s.com