Foreign Language Services Simulation, LLC. (FLSS) is currently looking for talented individuals for a disaster training exercise at Camp Ashland.


Role players are essential to realism and interaction during training events. You can be part of this great opportunity in providing a helpful resource to ensure those that protect us are prepared to do so.

Duties include, but not limited to:

• Playing the victim in need of medical attention or evacuation during a first responder
and/or military training exercise
• Makeup will be applied on all role players to resemble injuries such as multiple compression wounds, trauma, abrasions, cuts, punctures, and crushed bones
• Role players will get extremely wet. All role players muse wear their own appropriate skintight undergarments (swimsuits)
• No acting experience is required

Applicants MUST present two valid forms of government issued identification during the hiring process

• June 17 – 18, 2019
• Hours: Approx. 7 am until 5 pm daily
• Pay will take place after the completion of the exercise on June 18th

Limitations and Qualifications

• All role players shall be capable of standing, sitting or lying on uneven and dirty surfaces that may be very cool or very warm for an extended period of time.
• Role players shall be capable of unassisted walking over rugged terrain for distances up to one-half mile at a time.
• All role players shall not have an existing condition that requires a cast, sling or extensive bandaging.
• Role players shall be in a physical condition that allows them to move or be stationed in cluttered, dusty and cramped locations.
• Physically capable of working in multiple weather conditions.
• Cooperative and able to follow specific instructions.

Travel cost and/or Per Diem will NOT be compensated

Foreign Language Services Simulation, LLC. (FLSS) is a leading language services company providing language specialists and training specialists to various government agencies. FLSS dedicates itself to developing and delivering successful staffing solutions.

If you feel you meet the requirements for this position, please email resumes to and mention this posting in the subject line.